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Project Code: PNRR-III-C9-2022-I8-186

Project Title: Targeting Cardiac Fibrosis in Heart Failure; Challenges and Potential Solutions Based on ncRNA Therapeutics

Contract number: 760062/23.05.2023

Coordinator: Dr. Fabio Martelli

Labs involved in project implementation:

  • Laboratory of Stem Cell Biology

  • Laboratory of Inflammation Research

Budget: 1.400.000 Euro

Implementation period: 18.07.2023 – 31.06.2026

The work plan of the project


Project financed by the Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digitization through the National Recovery and Resilience Plan of Romania, Pillar III, Component C9-I8 - Development of a program to attract highly specialized human resources from abroad in research, development and innovation activities.

Financing contract no.: 760062/23.05.2023

The content of this material does not necessarily represent the official position of the European Union or the Government of Romania.

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