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  • MIR-210 genomic locus at the overlap between hypoxia signaling and inflammatory networks, 2021-2022, 210-HINT (Eur 88,000)

  • Transnational Research Projects on Cardiovascular Diseases, 2016-2019, EXPERT (Eur 200,000)

  • Improve institutional competitiveness in the field of type 1 diabetes by developing an innovative concept of immunotherapy based on mesenchymal stromal cells, 2016-2020, DIABETER (Eur 2,000,000)

  • Interference with hypoxia-signaling pathways MSC prior to transplantation as a strategy to enhance myocardial recovery post-infarction, 2018-2020, OXI-SCENARIO (Eur 100,000)

  • Consolidating the subcutaneous transplantation of MSC as a warranted therapy for myocardial infarction, 2017-2018, CO-SUSTAIN (Eur 60,000)

  • Targeting innate immune mechanisms to improve risk stratification and to identify future therapeutic options in myocardial infarction, 2018-2022, INNATE-MI (Eur 1,700,000) 

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